Vintage Radio Shack Armatron Robot Mechanical Arm


Top of the wish list in the late 70's

The Armatron by Radio Shack was at the top of many kid’s wish list in the late 70’s. It was in my opinion one of the coolest toys they distributed at the time. I still remember watching the commercials on TV and then going to the store to see the real thing. Then after trying my hand at the controls of the store display model, taking a copy of Radio Shack’s free catalog home to look at  it, over and over again. It never made it under the tree, but its magical appeal would occasionally resurface when reminicing years later.

Well I found one recently and knew immediately, it was time to get my own mechanical robotic arm. There is something about manipulating those 2 joysticks and making the mechanical arm do your bidding. Yea its still fun 30 plus years later. Do you still have yours? Or do you need to find one to control once again?

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